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Author:admin 2013-10-15 16:11

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Jyton Global Access(JGA) is a new pilot program managed by Jyton Group in the US which allows international medical device companies to launch their products in global key markets including US, Europe, China, Japan, Australia, Canada, Korea and the Middle East. Our feature services help customers expedite regulatory clearance, provide efficient market information and market promotion opportunities. Further, the partnership facilitates marketing support and service that enhances distribution network and local entities.
What Are The Benefits Of Global Access?
When you choose the Jyton Global Entry package, you are able to:

     ·Launch across global key markets simultaneously.

    ·Straight, low risk and low cost

    ·Flexible to choose services from the packages and win added-value services

   ·Communicate in your language and your time zone by contacting Jyton worldwide offices

   ·A a full vision of the global market and specific view of any niche market.

Thanks to Jyton’s integrated global regulatory resources, a harmonized program, Global Entry, is available now and allows applicants to complete a single application for regulatory approval and clearance in main countries in the world.
Jyton Global Access (JGA) can ensure the security and integrity of key market borders. We provide:
·Market research of landscapes of world markets and niche markets
·  Marketing strategy
· Distributor search
· Regulatory registration and clearance
· Organize specialized meetings, conferences, seminars, trade shows and presentations
· Marketing materials design and professional translation
· Set up local legal entities and offices
· Market surveillance and feedback
· Incident reporting and SFDA communications
·  Recruitment and headhunting
·  Chinese information screening of medical device approvals, distributors, doctors and manufacturers by using Jyton's 400,000 name database
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