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Our Strength

Author:admin 2013-10-23 13:50

There are differences in quality service. We invite you to experience premium consulting.
Professional service

   ·One-stop-shop service providing global entry solutions

   ·High-Speed registration and regulatory compliance

   ·Efficient and low cost: 14 global offices make local services and communication available.


  ·Leading regulatory consulting firm in China, US, EU and Japan

  ·Over 150 qualified senior consultants in 14 offices

  ·Extensive database for case study over 3000 successful projects and knowledge bank

  ·Leading medical device marketing and business match website 


  ·Online Jyton Project Management System

  ·Quality Management System 

Predictability Instruction

  ·Real time update for an ever changing regulations

  ·Periodical marketing data updates

Partner with numbers of local governments, medical device industry associations, medical or doctor associations, trade promotion organizations, exhibition organizers and world famous companies, Jyton services always feature the latest information and provides reliable delivery. 
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