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China Orthopaedics

Author:admin 2013-11-05 15:50

"China Orthopaedics" - China's premier journal for the orthopaedic market
China Orthopaedics, published by Jyton Enterprise Group, is a peer-reviewed journal focused on the Chinese orthopaedic industry.  Its readership is composed of clinicians, health administrators, manufacturers, distributors and research institutions.  Contributors to the journal include members of the Chinese Orthopaedics Medical Society, Chinese Hospital Administration Society, and the Chinese Ministry of Health as well as nationally and internationally recognized experts in various fields of medicine.
Articles appearing in China Orthopaedics include the following topics:
l Market Analysis of the Chinese Orthopaedic Market
l Latest Product Innovations
l Continuing Medical Education for the Chinese Medical Community
l Profiles of Up and Coming Orthopaedic Companies
l Latest Clinical Applications
l Case Studies
l Coverage of National and International Medical Conferences
l China Health Policy Updates
China Orthopaedics also welcomes articles from foreign experts.  Our in-house staff can translate articles from English and Japanese into Mandarin Chinese for publication.
China Orthopaedics is published every other month.  China Orthopaedics reaches approximately 20,000 readers.
China Orthopaedics provides a unique opportunity for foreign manufacturers to introduce their companies and products through advertising in our publication.  China Orthopaedics's advertising department will work with our clients to develop and design advertising pieces targeting the appropriate audience.  China Orthopaedics's advertising staff tracks the impact of each advertising piece and reports the results to clients.

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