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China CFDA Registration Procedure

Author:admin 2014-02-10 13:01

When you choose Jyton as your CFDA registration agent, the whole registration procedure are as follows:

Step 1: Writing the Product Standard
Note: In CFDA registration, product standard is the primary step. Jyton can help you with the translation. A good translation is essential for your registration. It also includes the job of determining the classification of the device.

Step 2: Product Testing
Jyton arranges the appropriate CFDA accredited testing center for test and follows up the testing result and obtain the testing report

Step 3: Clinical trial, if applicable.

Step 4: Submit technical files and communication with the reviewer.

CFDA registration process

For more detailed information of CFDA registration, please contact us at: +86-10-82609803 or send an e-mail to consult@jtmedical.com.


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