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Different Kind of Agents in China

Author:admin 2014-05-14 13:07

In most cases, manufacturers are requested to register their medical devices and comply with local regulatory requirements prior to being allowed to ship and sell their products in other countries. In China, the regulatory agency that handles all medical device registration in China applications is The State Food and Drug Administration (CFDA). And most manufacturers who want to sell products in China would consider finding a good registration agent in China for their product registration.

Applicants often have difficulty preparing the required documents and successfully working with the complicated CFDA registration process. Now JYTON GROUP provides advice and services to support medical device manufacturers with their CFDA registration application.

In China, there are three kinds of agents that you may have to contact and cooperate with in the process of CFDA registration and sell of your products.

Registration Agent in China: To coordinate and control CFDA registration

Legal Agent in China: Report any adverse events regarding the medical device that occurs inside or outside China to CFDA. Handle any recall incidences in China if they arise

After Sales Agent in China: Provide technical service and maintenance support, which must be included in the business scope of the business license

For more detailed information of registration agent in China, please contact us at: +86-10-82608228 or send an email to consult@jtmedical.com



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